Bring Us Your Women is an international collaborative film anthology, studio album, & live multi media music and dance performance dedicated to women and the pursuit of divinity and freedom. This project seeks to tell existing and re-imagined stories of historic and mythical individuals, each presenting a message of humanity that transcends gender and religion.The essence of this work expresses the power of three - unity, tolerance, hope. Each icon will be brought to life with an original composition, a narrative film and live dance.

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Bring Us Your Women is the brainchild of guitarist-composer Catherine Capozzi, best known as the force behind the rock instrumental ensemble Axemunkee. Capozzi says, “I want to tell the untold stories of iconic historical, holy, and mythical women, with a focus on their strengths, sensuality, and wisdom. The essence of this work expresses the power of three - unity, tolerance, and hope.

The icons represented in the show via song, dance, and film include: Joan of Arc, the Queen of Sheba, the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, Sirens, Arya Tara, Kālī, Delilah, Eve, Ishtar, and Isis. Each icon will be presented via a performance that includes a song by the live rock ensemble, a dance, and a film, each created specifically for the project. The show also serves as a release show for a complete studio recording of the song set (produced by Rafi Sofer) and a DVD of the film anthology.

For the music, Capozzi composed the songs over the past several years, collaborating with vocalists Mali Sastri (Jaggery), Johnny Blazes (Johnny Blazes and the Pretty Boys), Christine Zufferey (Mary ZooAll the Queen’s MenZiaf), Sophia Cacciola (Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling), and Michael J. Epstein (The Michael J. Epstein Memorial LibraryThe Motion Sick), and performing with members of her band Axemunkee (Tamora Gooding, Jason Adams, Yuri Zbitnoff) and additional musicians, Susannah PlasterRachel BarringerRachel Leah, Blumenthal, Jonah Sacks, Emilie Cavallo, and Marnie Hall.

The film anthology, produced by Capozzi with Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein, brings together an international group of twelve filmmakers from the US, France, Ukraine, and Netherlands including:

Céline FernbachDan St. GermainM. E. SteemanIgor ChekachkovNicole Witte SolomonIzzy LeeKristilyn - Zombie RomanceAnastasia CazabonAndrea WolaninNorah SolorzanoSophia CacciolaCatherine Capozzi, and Michael J. Epstein

The live show will also include dance performances and choreography by Jane Allard, Honey PieAllix MortisPorcelain DalyaMali SastriJane DoeJanelle Gilchrist, Alexandra Marino, Sadie Mackinnon, Ana Buseo, Grace Riordan, Anika Hartje, Chien-Hwe Carol Hong, and Maggie Maraschino, and readings by Jade Sylvan, Kristen Schaer, Meghan Chiampa, and C.F. Cooper.

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