by Axemunkee

Visit axemunkee.bandcamp.com to listen to the latest releases including Catherine and David Play Guitar, Spider Cult the Musical, and Contorted Caravan. Selected Tracks from Sidewalk Mary and Vortex.

Sidewalk Mary: released 07 May 2008
Produced:Catherine Capozzi; co- produced-engineered, recorded, mastered:Geoff Chase; CD photo/design: Kelly Davidson.


released 29 September 2011

Catherine Capozzi guitars and more guitars, a cyclone of  swoops, swirls, noise and ebow

Geoff Chase drums and more drums, a tornado of beats and rhythms

Tamora Gooding an eddying pulse of electronic drums

Chris Farrell  a gyre of hypnotic bass  

Joel Simches a whirlwind of tweaks and beeps on tracks (1,2,3,8 and 9) 

Etienne Chenet a twister of double bass on tracks (8,9) 

Additional musicians: 

Rev. Bob Matros - Vocal Stylings on Almost Good

Produced and arranged by Catherine Capozzi
Coproduced, recorded and mixed by Geoff Chase  
Additional engineering by Tamora Gooding
Mastered by Geoff Chase