OriginE by Catherine Capozzi 

OriginE by Catherine Capozzi – A timeless, chilling new opus

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Guitar virtuoso Catherine Capozzi, leader of the two drummer concept rock

instrumental group Axemunkee, unleashes new EP ‘OriginE’ on international

label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd.

Plaza Mayor Company Ltd announces the release of “OriginE” on May 12 th 2017 by the

Boston-based “goddess of guitar” Catherine Capozzi.

With this new opus, Capozzi takes us back to the source and opens a door for us on

ancient history with her guitar. The classic arts figures Ishtar and Reine de Saba (Queen

of Sheba) are featured in an unprecedented French language version with the ‘Hors

Format- Oversize” collaborator of Capozzi, the French Blues vocalist Christina Goh.


Christina Goh and Catherine Capozzi "Oversize"

Christina Goh and Catherine Capozzi "Oversize"

Intersteller Universality

There is a taste of elsewhere and of this universality which anchors us all in Catherine Capozzi’s guitar.

And when the heiress of the “red guitar” Brian May (Queen) tells us her visions of theorigins, she projects us in a future where the guitar is a fully fledged voice…

Axemunkee "Vortex" 

Axemunkee "Vortex" 


From gypsy spanish styled acoustic picking to full-blown rock-goddess shredding, sometimes within a single piece… The record’s sonic spectrum ranges from Middle Eastern melodies to neo-Gypsy jazz and electric swing to majestic psychedelia and searing progressive rock. This is guitar artistry!